Hsiung in 1978, which was initially engaged in the products of yachts, lift rafts, slide tracks, and dining tables etc.

In November 2010, we moved our plant in Xiaogang to No. 300, Wenxian S. Road, Liyuan District, Kaohsiung City, which is convenient in transportation with a distance about 11km from Kaohsiung International Airport, and 10.5km from Kaohsiung Container Terminal.

To keep the company advantage in the market with fierce competition, President Lin has been working hard to internationalize the company by creating branches oversea to expand the business and reduce the lead time for foreign customers.

In 1995, the first oversea branch of Kulinhao was created in Malaysia, and in September 2000, a plant was created in China. As a professional furniture manufacturer, COLLINS always tries its best to provide the furniture with living functions as convenient as possible for the customers, and the sales volume has reached more than 100,000 sets, which won the uniform praises from the customers for their quality of delicate craft.

As the professional furniture manufacturer with a good reputation in professional manufacture processes technology and best manufacture efficiency provided by a team, COLLINS established its plant in Vietnam in January 2004, and now we are more specialized in the manufacture and sales of wooden furniture, slide tracks and dining tables.

In the year 2015, the company has also started to manufacture ship’s SUPPORT, steel fittings and steel furniture.

We will always stick to the principle of high quality product to provide for our customers the life as convenient as possible.

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